Voodoo Temple

Album: Vessel of Wrath (2012)

Song: Christ Complex

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Voodoo Temple is reforming after 8 years! Below is the original bio. Voodoo Temple is planning on bringing their metal back to the masses in 2012!

Formed in 1997, Voodoo Temple has exploded onto the metal scene with all barrels blazing!! Not happy with the rap-metal/Alternative metal music that is so popular
today, Voodoo Temple has taken to writing melodic, yet very powerful music that kicks the listener in the teeth. With the thunderous rhythms of PJ Clevenger''s drums and Stu Ridges bass carrying the melodic, heavy guitar of Louie Borja, lead singer, Mike Mariotti, tops off the music with his dynamic vocal ability. Voodoo Temple is a breath of fresh air for the true metal fans tired of trendy "nu-metal" bands that are popping up all over.
Full of power and melody, Voodoo Temple''s music is unique to the standard sound of today''s popular sound.
Voodoo Temple is taking power metal to a new level.